Scott Lee Bio

FullSizeRenderScott Lee had a rough life.  He had to grow up with an older brother!  That may seem normal enough, but Scott’s older brother is Richard.  After many scars and years of healing, Scott is slowly overcoming the brutality of being forced, in his early years, to pull Richard around in a wagon.  Scott considers his life in Virginia a gift from God.  Virginia is the birthplace of our Country and the Birthplace of the Lee family.  It is here that Scott recognizes that they really are Virginia Citizens and American Patriots!

Scott is a self-employed and has a love for radio that goes back to the early years of listening to Paul Harvey as a kid (while Richard made fun of him.) Scott’s career in radio started in 2002 on a smaller station here in Richmond.  Formed and shaped by the events of 9-11, radio became the main outlet for his passion for America and Freedom.  Scott endorsed and signed the book jacket of When Johnny Doesn’t Come Marching Home by Rhonda Winfield, honoring her son and recognizing that freedom is not free!
Scott is sometimes called the “radical right-wing” of the two brothers.  He is often heard saying things like: liberal puke, mental midgets, and stupid bleeding hearts, just to name a few. He likes callers that make him look better then Richard (it a family feud issue) and agree with him.  He is sure that if people would just listen long enough they will agree with him.  In fact, most already do, but just don’t know it yet!
He enjoys good debates, boating, politics, baseball (with apple pie and motherhood), entrepreneurism, movies, and time with his family.  He has four children: Mitch, Ryan, Austin, and his little girl, Reagan (yes, he likes President Reagan, but that is not why he named her Reagan, however, it is safe to conclude her name was not going to be Carter or Clinton!).  His favorite movies are Braveheart, Gladiator, The Patriot, and Tombstone (all the movies liberals hate!) His favorite books include the Bible (ESV and NIV) and Original Intent (both are very political incorrect).

Scott believes that the world would be a better place if we all understood the “second mile” concept as Jesus told his disciples!

And if we made every effort to expand freedom and liberty!


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