Obama on being over-taxed

“We are over-taxed as it is,” Doris said bluntly.

Obama started out feisty. “Well, let’s talk about that, because this is an area where there’s been just a whole lot of misinformation, and I’m going to have to work hard over the next several months to clean up a lot of the misapprehensions that people have,” the president said.

He then spent the next 17 minutes and 12 seconds lulling the crowd into a daze. His discursive answer – more than 2,500 words long — wandered from topic to topic, including commentary on the deficit, pay-as-you-go rules passed by Congress, Congressional Budget Office reports on Medicare waste, COBRA coverage, the Recovery Act and Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (he referred to this last item by its inside-the-Beltway name, “F-Map”). He talked about the notion of eliminating foreign aid (not worth it, he said). He invoked Warren Buffett, earmarks and the payroll tax that funds Medicare (referring to it, in fluent Washington lingo, as “FICA”).

I’m not surprised that Obama struggled with this.  Deep down he knows he is going to have to raise taxes..BIG!  So, he has to come up with a come back to this obvious feeling and question about being over taxed!  Perhaps, he really thinks we are under-taxed, which would explain his 17-minute dribbling attempt to make normal, freedom-loving Americans think they should pay more.  Otherwise, he would simply say, “Yep, your over-taxed and I will try to let you keep more of your hard-earned money!”  But…he doesn”t believe that.

Liberals are so funny…they are never honest about their intentions!

The Lee Brothers – Night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas,

 When all through the Senate and House,The evil creatures were stirring, Led by Nancy Pelosi in a low cut scary blouse..

Their stockings were hung, In the rotunda with care, In hopes that St Barry, Soon would be there…

The family minded conservatives, Were home tucking their children into bed, While visions of living in a free country again, Danced in their heads…

Pelosi in her kerchief, And Harry Reid in his cap, Had just sat down to write another bill, More Socialist crap…

 When out on the lawn There rose such a clatter, Pelosi and Reid jumped up from the table To see what was the matter…

Outside of the Capitol, They flew like a flash, Harry and Nancy slipped on the ice, And busted their ass…

The moon on the breast, Of a new fallen snow, Gave a luster of mid-day, To objects below…

And to their wondering eyes, What should appear, But St Barry himself, A red and white suit he did wear…

They cried out in horror, “St Barry, why you wearing that suit? How else can I walk into every house in America, And make off with their loot?

 More rapid than Eagles, His Comrades they came, And he whistled and shouted, And called them by name…

 Now Rhambo, Now Biden, Now Warner and Franks, On Webb and Snowe ! What a big band of skanks,

To the top of every porch, To the top of every wall, Now dash away, dash away, Capitalism shall fall!

And like leaves before, The wild hurricane fly, When they meet with an obstacle, Mount to the sky…

 Out to the houses, The comrades they flew, With their laws and their rules, And St Barry too…

And as America was sleeping, I heard on my porch, The prying open of my front door, their footsteps on my floor…

 As I drew in my head And was turning around Up the staircase came St Barry, He Came with a bound…

He was dressed in red and white fur, With brass rings on his hat, He looked like a pimp, And he stepped on my cat…

A big black satchel Was hung over his back and as quick as he entered the room, he was loading up all of my crap…

I asked him what the hell, He replied with a frown, Now I told you during the campaign, Im spreading your stuff all over town…

His eyes how they twinkled, To be truthful, they were scary, His cheeks were like roses, And his nose like a cherry…

His drooling little mouth Was drawn up like a bow And the hair on his temples Was beginning to turn as white as snow…

The stump of MY pipe. He held tight in his teeth, And the smoke of my tobacco, Encircled his pimp hat like a wreath…

He was quite a bit skinnier, Than he looked on TV, And I laughed when I saw him, Until I realized who he actually be…

 A wink of his eye, And a twist of his head, Plus 100 Secret Service agents around him, I knew if I moved I’d be dead…

 He spoke no more words, And went straight to work, As he filled that black bag, Saw my picture of Bush and yelled, “JERK”…

And shoving his finger, Right up in his nose, I gotta tell you, Man, that was gross…

Out the door to the porch, To his comrades he gave a whistle, Out of my garage they came, With everything including my pistol…

They sprang to their limos, Off to my neighbors they flew, I knew they would rob him, Anyone who works will get screwed…

And I heard him exclaim As they drove out of sight, Bah humbug my Comrades, To your capitalism, good night…

I know….PUKE!


Dope!  Commenting on the Sarah Palin rally:

I expected to be infuriated by her loaded rhetoric or feared I might fall under the curious spell that has captured half a nation.

Curious spell?  If there has ever been a “curious spell” it is obvious by the Obamanites!

The crowd was stoked and decidedly monochromatic. So much for GOP diversity efforts.  Could it be that most blacks are going to the Obama rally’s (even though this race isn’t about race, but thanks for bring it up!) Go to www.inrich.com to see the race-baiting video by Williams.

Case and Point, you have been warned!

Thank you Obama for making my point about FREEDOM.  Here is what Obama said:

Plumber to Obama: “Your new tax plan is going to tax me more. Isn’t it?”

Obama: “It’s not that I want to punish your success, I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too. I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Slipping into Socialism?  The world is upside down!

Here is the clip:

“Change” isn’t all good

Fidel Castro campaigned on “change” and it is explained here from a Cubans perspective:

Beware Charismatic Men Who Preach ‘Change’

 Editor, Times-Dispatch:

Each year I get to celebrate Independence Day twice. On June 30 I celebrate my independence day and on July 4 I celebrate America’s. This year is special, because it marks the 40th anniversary of my independence.


On June 30, 1968, I escaped Communist Cuba and a few months later I was in the United States to stay. That I happened to arrive in Richmond on Thanksgiving Day is just part of the story, but I digress.

I’ve thought a lot about the anniversary this year. The election-year rhetoric has made me think a lot about Cuba and what transpired there. In the late 1950s, most Cubans thought Cuba needed a change, and they were right. So when a young leader came along, every Cuban was at least receptive.

When the young leader spoke eloquently and passionately and denounced the old system, the press fell in love with him. They never questioned who his friends were or what he really believed in. When he said he would help the farmers and the poor and bring free medical care and education to all, everyone followed. When he said he would bring justice and equality to all, everyone said “Praise the Lord.” And when the young leader said, “I will be for change and I’ll bring you change,” everyone yelled, “Viva Fidel!”

But nobody asked about the change, so by the time the executioner’s guns went silent the people’s guns had been taken away. By the time everyone was equal, they were equally poor, hungry, and oppressed. By the time everyone received their free education it was worth nothing. By the time the press noticed, it was too late, because they were now working for him. By the time the change was finally implemented Cuba had been knocked down a couple of notches to Third-World status. By the time the change was over more than a million people had taken to boats, rafts, and inner tubes. You can call those who made it ashore anywhere else in the world the most fortunate Cubans. And now I’m back to the beginning of my story.

Luckily, we would never fall in America for a young leader who promised change without asking, what change? How will you carry it out? What will it cost America?

Would we?

Manuel Alvarez Jr. Sandy Hook.

Obama: Terror groups have ‘legitimate claims’

“Speaking in May with columnists David Brooks, Obama said the U.S. needs a foreign policy that “looks at the root causes of problems and dangers.”

Every once in a while, liberals say what they really mean.  However, they have to quickly retract it because they are trying to con the American people.  This is a great example: root causes of problems?  How about Islamo-facism?  How about just pure evil? 

Regarding Hezbollah, Obama earlier declared: “It’s time to engage in diplomatic efforts to help build a new Lebanese consensus that focuses on electoral reform, an end to the current corrupt patronage system, and the development of the economy that provides for a fair distribution of services, opportunities and employment.”

Oh no, a liberal talking about “fair” again!!  I usually means one thing, tax the rich and give it to the poor! 

Speaking of slipping up,did you see where Obama Hussisen called himself a Muslim?

Disarming America

A video the Barack campaign produced last year to solicit the endorsement of an Iowa-based advocacy group has generated more than 3 million page views on YouTube, fueled by chain e-mails claiming the clip is evidence the presumptive Democratic nominee intends to disarm the U.S..

This is scary!  Democrats do not have a problem spending money on AIDS in Africa, abortions, welfare, retirement, world poverty, and everything else the Constitution forbids!  But the one thing the government is supposed to do, provide for national defense, the Democrats object. 

Obama’s “protect America” quotes: (Click link for video)

“Cut investments in missle defense systems”

“I will not weaponize space”

“I will slow development of future combat systems”

“Goal of a world without nuclear weapons”

“Will not develop new nuclear weapons”

“Global ban on missle materials”

“Negotiate with Russia to take ICBM off alert”

“Deep cuts in nuclear arsenals”

That’s got to make you feel more protected!  This is not the Barrack I knew!  This was during the primaries, so maybe he has changed his mind!  But he did leave us with this:“I don’t make promises that cant be kept”

Democrats: “We just don’t hate America, we want to disarm it!”


Mark R. Warner will emphasize bipartisan cooperation

Tonight, in the biggest speech of his life, former Gov. Mark R. Warner says he will emphasize the bipartisan cooperation that showed Virginians that government can work.

PLEASE!!  I am so sick of this “bipartisan” junk!  There was nothing bipartisan about the largest tax increase in VA history!  Can someone, please, give me one name that voted for it that was NOT a liberal tax and spender!  Chichester was and is a LIBERAL!  The State Senate is full of liberals, Republican and Democrat.

Who wants bipartisanship? Mark Warner didnt’ show how government can work, he showed how government can come together to rob the citizenry!  Who wants that?  If that what it means, I DON”T WANT GOVERNMENT TO WORK!  I want government to do nothing but get out of my way!

But to Warner, Obama, Clinton, and the rest of the Democrat Party, government is good and the only reason it is bad is because they aren’t running it.  That is why they still think Socialism works even though it has failed everywhere it is tried.  In their warped minds, they can make it work and the only reason it failed was because it was run by the wrong people.

Warner is nothing more than a big government liberal that thinks he figured out how to make government work!  If you think that means more freedom, then vote Obama.   Pass the barf bucket!

Harassing e-mails from the Obama campaign

According to an e-mail we recieved, Obama’s text message idea is expensive and a pain in the rear!

When it was announced that the Senator would announce his VP selection by text message, I
signed up.  Only after doing so did I realize that I was also signing up for a continuous
string of campaign messages.  I have been receiving about 10 text messages each day from
the Obama Campaign.

I have repeatedly requested, and then demanded that the messages be terminated but to no
avail.  I did receive a response from a Haley Van Dyck (
apologizing for my difficulties and promising that the messages would stop immediately. 
That was about 30 messages ago.

The official web site http://www.barackobama.com suggests a link to
http://www.barackobama.com/unsubscribe, however a browser request for that page results in a
message saying the page doesn’t exist.

Finally, you gotta love this.  A call to a toll free number listed on the site results in
a recorded message reminding me that it is after hours. It refers me to the web site, and
says I may leave a message.  When I attempt to do so, it tells me that the mailbox cannot
accept messages because it is full.  “Press 0 for further assistance”.  Pressing 0
results in the following message: “you have selected an invalid option…. Press 0 for
further assistance”.

I’m sure that I won’t ever see any money, but I have demanded that the campaign pay me at
the rate of 10cents for each text that I have received. (that’s the going rate if you
don’t have an unlimited plan).  The senator currently owes me about $14.00, and I have
demanded immediate payment. 😉

As I said in the beginning, hopefully one of you fine radio hosts will decide to follow
up and challenge the Obama Camp to do the right thing.

Yes, it’s a little thing, and I’m just a little guy, but doesn’t the Senator claim to be
looking out for the little guy? or is he just looking out for my tax dollars?

Jay Brown
Richmond, Va.

Isn’t that great!  I have to laugh a little…Richard signed up for the same thing!  Jay makes a great point, text messages are not free! 

What do you think?  Should the Obama campaign pay up?  Obama will probably try to find a way to blame the rich cell phone companies and call their profits obscene!

Obama in Martinsville

“I don’t say every job is going to come back to Martinsville if I’m elected president, but I can say I’m going to wake up every day thinking about you.”

That should make you feel better!  Just the fact that Obama is “thinking of Martinsville” everyday means he cares.  Forget that his stupid policies would make this economy worst, what matters is he is thinking of me!  Pure emotion, just big bleeding heart dribble! 

Politics today-appealing to the least of us: the downtrodden, the poor, the hungry, the disenfranchised, the homeless, the gay, the “undocumented workers” (new Americans), the criminals, the jobless, the godless, the hairless, the ugly….yada….yada……yada!  No politician caters to the hard working, God-fearing, homeowners, successful, taxpayers, sacrificers, savers, investors, entrepreneurs, risk takers, employers, married, families (man, women, children), earlier risers, churchgoers, pro-Americans!  What about us?  Without these people there would be no country!  But we have no advocates in Washington, only those who think we are the problem!

We are so screwed up!

Who is Obama?

Someone who cares about you and your family! (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!) No, really, this is more like it:

Obama, for example, for the first time has acknowledged that the mysterious “Frank” in his 1995 autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” is in fact Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis, who during the height of the Cold War was investigated by both the FBI and Congress as a pawn of Moscow.

Communist Party?  Is the picture coming together for you? Demonizing profits, the successful, captialism, and America is in his inner-core:

In arguing for a heavier mix of government, he assumes that capitalism unfairly favors the rich, almost exclusively so, and fails to spread prosperity. “The rich in America have little to complain about,” he carps. “The distribution of wealth is skewed, and levels of inequality are now higher than at any time since the Gilded Age.”

Obama’s entire background is found on socialism, communism, and racism.  He is a product of that environment:

After college, where he palled around with Marxist professors and took in socialist conferences “for inspiration,” Obama followed in Davis’ footsteps, becoming a “community organizer” in Chicago.

His boss there was Gerald Kellman, whose identity Obama also tries to hide in his book. Turns out Kellman’s a disciple of the late Saul “The Red” Alinsky, a hard-boiled Chicago socialist who wrote the “Rules for Radicals” and agitated for social revolution in America.

What about inherent racism:

In fact, Obama’s own words appear to support the claim. On Page 171 of “Dreams,” Obama flies into a fit over chronic black poverty in Chicago’s South Side, blaming whites who took flight to the crime-free suburbs and took jobs with them. He’s overcome by the same black rage Davis radiated in his Waikiki bungalow years earlier.

Obama took to heart Davis’ advice to “keep your eyes open” to signs of institutional racism. He became race-conscious like never before. He admits he never “let it go,” even when he could see that overt racism was a thing of the past.

Also, see OBAMA EXPOSED.  At an incredible risk of sounding like my brother, Richard, unfortunately Obama will probably be our next President.  (yep, I did throw up in my mouth!)

What would you ask Obama?

Linda Cifelli of Williamsburg asked what Obama would do to ban mercury fillings in teeth.

Tracey Dudley Weinstein wanted to know what Obama would do to change environmental policies that “are destroying the Earth.”

10-year-old Aiden wanted to know what kind of dog Obama is going to get if he becomes president

Okay, I will give the 10-year-old a pass, but everyone else….not so good!

I have a few questions: 

Was the 50 Billion for AIDS just the beginning of your Global Poverty Plan?

If I have a right to retire with dignity, who is going to pay for it?

SW Virginia schools teaching about climate change

UPDATE:Here is the clip from our show: Click here.

Developed by a group of educators, the program is aimed at teaching children about the connection between their actions and the wider world — so they can help save the planet. Save the planet?

Look to these “educators”!  The brightest among us!  The teachers of our children!

“More and more information is coming towards these kids every day,” said Deni Peterson, who runs the Learning Landscapes program that has brought educational gardens to county schools. “These are depressing issues; these are hard issues for these kids, so I just try to plant some hope in there.” Depressing?  You are scaring them for no reason!

Tammy Smith, a first-grade teacher at High Point Elementary School, said she wants to instill the concept that “thrown away” is not really “away” — items that are tossed instead of recycled or reused ultimately occupy space in a landfill, where some of them take millennia to decompose. Keep on scaring elementary kids!

“I’ve lived here all my life, and I remember playing in the snow,” said Angela Surber, a seventh-grade teacher at Glade Spring Middle School. “The kids today don’t even know what snow is.” Are you sure we have global warming because of your students?  All your life, but your only 24?? Maybe the earth just goes through changes.  Mrs. Surber, what is the “ideal” earth temperature for SW VA?

“There’s lifestyle choices that you need to make, such as conserving lights, because it’s going to be cheaper,” said Laurel Flaccavento, who recently retired after 30 years of teaching in Washington County schools. The earlier we can indoctrinate the easier it gets and the more likely they will vote Democrat later in life. 

Rees Shearer, a retired elementary school counselor, said energy conservation could eliminate the need for new power plants, and the money spent on them instead could be used to generate electricity in a different way: by reducing demand.  This reminds of  the Obama’s energy plan, inflate your tires! But now we can conserve our way to a brighter future (or dimmer)!  Did Obama go to public schools? (This reminds of Bush slaping down that liberal news guy!)

“We’re trying to stay out of politics and then take advantage of the good lessons of being environmental stewards,” said Assistant Superintendent Tom Graves.  Wrong Tom!  It is all about politics

Listen to Eco-insanity!

Maybe Tim Kaine Pre-K program would help, don’t laugh!  God help our children in these government run indocrination centers we call schools!!  McCain has this one right!