Posted by: Scott Lee | October 6, 2017

Evil people are the problem….



  1. When a person decides to harm another, it is an error to blame the tools for the act. If someone strikes another with a hammer, is the hammer to blame or the person that wielded the hammer. If someone stabs someone else with a knife, is the eknife to blame or the fellow that wielded it. Tools, whatever their nature, are simply that – TOOLS. It makes no difference what their form is or how they go about achieving their function. The fault lies with the weirder or the person assaulted, depending upon the situation. It is the human intent that brings about blame. People are too blame for the ills of the world. Their tools and toys have no free will, and therefore, they can not be blamed for any action taken with them.

    Also, calling someone EVIL lessens the true meaning of the term. The killer slaughtered 58 people. Even still, this does not make him EVIL. This makes him a man that made a poor choice. It is the scale of the acts that quantifies someone or a group as EVIL. Hitler, with over 6 million dead Jews, is Evil. Stalin, with over 20 million dead Russians, is Evil. The Vegas Killer is simply a fool with no impulse control. Watering down the word EVIL belittles it and makes it meaningless.

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