Home Stretch for the Commonwealth

Have you ever been duped by some slick advertising, an impressive marketing campaign which got you so excited about a service or a product, or even a huge sale, this weekend only! You just had to try it… Just to find out that it was all smoke and mirrors? We all have. Just look at the last Presidential campaign. The point I am trying to make is simply this. If you voted for the Obamination it is okay to say out loud, “I was DUPED… and I am sorry America”… Go ahead, scream it from the rooftops! It’s liberating and its the first step toward recovery. I kid you not… America was duped by slick advertising and marketing.

If I had a new product I wanted to introduce to America, I would want Obama’s marketing team to handle the ad campaign for sure… Obama’s Campaign was very well planned and executed and the marketing campaign worked very well, just like a Pepsi or Coke new product introduction, this new product introduction worked and America bought it. The question is would America buy it again now that we have tried it? The polls say NO… I think NOT… The White House was bought with a huge advertising budget, the largest in the history of America. The Obamination spent 7 times what the McCain Campaign had to spend. 7 dollars to every 1 dollar is unbelievable. And he won by only 4 points… When you look at the states McCain won, and the map which shows red/blue states, you have to ask yourself how did Obama win… Slick advertising and marketing targeting the specific areas needed to win. This coupled with the false promises and rhetoric you find in any false advertising campaign, and now we have millions of Americans who tried the new product and are dissatisfied with it realizing the ads were false. But there is no refund and no exchanges for this new product… We are stuck until time to replace it in 4 years and that’s what we have in Washington. An administration who can’t hear us. They can’t hear the voices of the no longer silent majority. They didn’t know about the tea party’s. They have no intention of backing down from their incredibly destructive agenda. We can all just stick it in our ears because they are going to do what they want to do regardless. And the only way we can fight them is by getting rid of them. One by one they all have to go and thats going to take some time. I just hope there is some part of America left when that day comes. I pray it’s not too late. THis problem is not just in Washington either. It’s throughout the Federal government, State and local too. We have elected Socialists and they will tax us into poverty if we let them. I actually heard a liberal idiot (for lack of a better term) say just the other day, “We have Ronald Reagan to thank for this economic mess we are in right now”. If you think this is true, you are a moron… No denying it. You should have an ID cards stating so. When you make statements like this to your friends, they are thinking, “Moron, card-carrying moron for sure”. There are people in Washington who think this way too. This is just one example of the ignorance of the left, there are thousands more. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Franks, Jim Webb, Mark Warner, liberals one and all and they all have to go in the next elections.

We have to take back America in every election going forward to protect our very way of life. Local, State and Federal elections must get rid of the insanity, the ignorance and the lifer politicians. America is the greatest nation on earth. We do more for the planet than any other nation and we have to take it back from the idiot socialists, at every level of government, hell-bent on destroying her. Virginia will begin at state level next week. We are on the home stretch in Virginia. Just a few more days for the Commonwealth and we will replace the tax and spend Democrats and not a moment too soon. I have to give Creigh Deeds credit though. At least he told the truth about raising taxes. I don’t really know if his admission was intentional, or foolishness or honesty (rare these days in any Democrat) or exactly why he told us. It could have been just a cocky response from a Democrat who thinks we WANT to pay more taxes. With the Obamination in Washington, I think the Dem’s are dumb enough to think they can say and do anything and will still win. I have news for them, open the windows and hear the voices… Your days are numbered. This election will be the shot heard around the world when they see for themselves, “We The People” DO NOT want their type of Socialistic government. We will send a message and they will hear this one as they lose a key state. And I pray every night, yes I said pray every night, this is the biggest landslide victory in Virginia’s history. I hope people are not foolish enough to not vote because they think this incredible group of men, Bob McDonnell, Bill Boling and Ken Cucinelli are sure to win. I will be driving people to the polls if they don’t have a ride on Tuesday. If you know someone who needs a ride, please help them get to the poles. Every single vote will make history on Tuesday as we begin to take back our country, one candidate at a time. I am proud Virginia will be one of the first states to send the message to Washington. If you know someone who needs a ride to the polls, contact us at http://www.theleebrothers.com and we will see what we can do to help. Remember every vote counts. Remember Jim Webb, George Allen? That was a dark day for Virginia.

EVERY VOTE COUNTS! See you at the celebration Tuesday night as we begin to take back America!

Wasteful spending?

Talked about it here!

Surely the government wouldn’t waste money!  Congress understands the importance of every tax dollar and how important it is to protect it.  PUKE!

 In Ansonia, Conn., $2.3 million in federal stimulus funds is being used for insect research, specifically the “rearing [of] large numbers of anthropoids” which includes the “Asian long-horned beetle, the nun moth and the wooly adelgid,” the New Haven Advocate reported.
Duluth, Minn., rarely known for its high temperatures, received $6 million in economic stimulus funds for a snowmaking facility, even though it is the 15th snowiest city in America, according to City-Data.com.
As much as $30 million in federal funds will go to spring training facilities for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies, two Major League Baseball teams. The full cost of the training complex in Scottsdale, Ariz., is $100 million.

Yet, we constantly hear that we need more money for some pet project of the left or told that the rich don’t pay their fair share!  NEVER..never trust this goofs!  They have plenty of money….in fact..so much that they waste it!  Through it away! Don’t care!  I say cut taxes now!  Do not allow these idiots to convince you that we are short of money! 

He who is faithful over little will be trusted with much! 

God help us!

Endorsement Saturday

Listen here to 2009 Endorsements!

Join us tomorrow for Endorsement Saturday!  This is the time that we endorse candidates that we would like to see win and, perhaps, give you some insight into other races (listen to 2007 Endorsement Show!)

All House of Delegates members are up for re-election this year! List of House of Delegates members here!

We may even comment on other races outside the Commonwealth!

Great Endorsement

This is an excellent commentary of McDonnell and the reason to vote for him!  Here is just a snippet:

The troubles facing our next governor are almost enough to make one question why anybody would want the job. The answer is, of course, simple: Difficult times require superb leaders. We believe Bob McDonnell has demonstrated the temperament, talent, and solid philosophy needed to guide the Old Dominion to a more prosperous future and to ensure that even the most vulnerable citizens benefit from the revival. He has earned our endorsement, through his deeds and his platform.

McDonnell’s insistence that taxes not be raised on Virginia’s citizens and businesses represents not only a sound and pragmatic policy decision — it also demonstrates one of his fundamental beliefs about the relationship between the government and the governed. In an era when government at many levels seems out of control — prone to bouts of fiscal immaturity — McDonnell understands that an effective, compassionate public sector is always defined by limited government. And he knows that those who earn paychecks and profits have first claim on those earnings. The tax collector must play a secondary role.

This fundamental difference between McDonnell and Deeds is reason enough to support the former attorney general. Virginia needs a strong voice defending free enterprise and personal liberty, a strong hand protecting the sanctity of the family budget, and a strong governor willing to reverse the national trend toward handouts, bailouts, high taxes, more regulation, and stronger unions. Bob McDonnell’s voice has been clear throughout this campaign, his hand has been steady as attorney general and state legislator, and as governor he will be a principled and pragmatic problem-solver……

We are impressed by McDonnell’s fundamental belief in the primacy of the private sector in restoring economic prosperity. He understands that growth and job creation are always products of entrepreneurs, risk-takers, investment, and hard work — not expanded regulation and increased government spending. And he recognizes the importance of not only encouraging alternative energy development, but also investing responsibly in plentiful and affordable energy sources, such as oil, coal, and natural gas.

Virginia needs strong leadership in a time of especially complex challenges. Bob McDonnell has proved himself — through his life and his career — to be a strong and principled leader, a man of moderate temperament and exceptional accomplishment. He is the right man to become the next governor of Virginia.

Be honest with yourself…what are are your priorities:

  1. More government or less
  2. A more free, less regulated market or more mandates and regulation
  3. Union or non-union
  4. Leadership or committees

This is an easy choice!  There is no other cause then Freedom and Liberty!

Steve Shannon calls “states rights” racist

This is the normal move for most Democrats…the race card…label your opponent as a hidden racists!  This is pure insanity or an incredible act of desparation…probably both!

But to infer that those who support State Sovereignty (10th Amendment) or states rights is a step backward to racism or “not for today” is evidence of a guy who is out of touch with Washington!  Is he blind?  Federalism is dying, if not dead, and Shannon thinks it’s not for today??

Well, I guess if your buddies are in DC and you like Obama’s policies, you can’t count on him to defend the state against an over-reaching Federal government!  Shannon even trashed the Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” Flag! 

So, what am I talking about?  This all went down during the last AG debate and we covered it here!  Take just 4 minutes and listen to this segment of our show, it is amazing!

Ken Cuccinelli  is a defender of State Sovereignty and will defend the Commonwealth from the massive federal mandates that are coming!  Vote Cuccinelli!

The Cause is Liberty!

Keeping Small Business Healthy

UPDATE: Thanks for all those who turned out!  It was a great event and the cause is even one better: keeping small businesses healthy!  I thought the timing was amazing with todays Wall-Street Journal report about small business not hiring!  Are you listening OBAMA!

UPDATE: Here is our interview with Andrew Langer!

Well, you don’t keep them healthy by mandating, regulating and taxing them…but welcome to the world of Obama!  In this new America, “hope and change” has come…in the form of a target… on the back of the productive and successful!

The Institute of Liberty is fighting back right here in Richmond!  Join me and them for a free breakfast at The Westin Richmond at 7:30am, Tuesday, October 27th.  I will be the emcee of the event but more importantly you will hear from Andrew Langer as he makes the case to “keep small business healthy!”

“Keep Small Business Healthy” Flyer

It’s free, so get up early…Sleep is over rated…and join us!  RSVP to Andrew Vehorn at Andrew@capresults.net!

The cause is freedom and liberty!

I am starting to feel bad for Deeds

UPDATE:  We talked about it here!

This is becoming a joke…..does Deeds know where he stands on any issue?

First, the tax question that he butchered!  Now, the public option question:

Question: “Mr. Deeds, and would you go against some of your fellow Democrats and against the public plan?”

Creigh Deeds: “I’m not afraid of going against my fellow Democrats when I think they’re wrong…Public option isn’t required in my view, I think we have to do two things with health care, we have to reduce costs so more people can afford insurance and we have to increase coverage. I share those broad goals. I don’t think the public option is necessary in any plan and I think Virginia…I would certainly consider opting out if that were available to Virginia. We have to find ways to increase competition in order to reduce costs…”

Then the fun started when reporters wanted clarification:

Poor guy!  This is what people are looking for in a politician: “I will leave all options on the table”, “I will form a committee to make all the tough decisions and they will come up with my plan!” Laughable!

Deeds is going to get crushed on election day! 



Still trying to divide us by race

I think Obama missed the Indian Tribes in his list of all the “voting blocks” that he appealed to in the election!

Now,  we (federal government) have to give 6 indian tribes in VA $800 million??   According to the TD these 6 tribes only have 3,000 members!  Anyone have a problem with this or am I just an insensitive boob?

Tim Kaine is fine with it! (Shock me!) “By bringing this legislation to a vote before the committee we are closer than we have ever been to finally righting an historic wrong for Virginia and the nation,” Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said in a statement.  Closer?  Closer of what?  I must have missed the evil of America!

America always has some kind of “wrong” that the Left has to make right!  And they are always so good at pointing out all those bad things…even when they give speeches overseas!


Business leaders know best!

BB&T will get all my business from this day forward! 

Capitalism, far from being the cause of today’s crisis, is its only cure, said the lead speaker, BB&T Corp. Chairman John Allison. 

Isn’t it amazing that someone has to stand up and say that?  How far have we come that Capitalism is being attacked and laughed at, even by our President.. today!  Obama said that “self-interest” caused this crisis!  Obama makes it sound like we should fear Wall Street instead of government!  I fear the government more than I fear any company on Wall Street…I mean..think about it: Does Wall Street force you to buy their stocks, force you to pay commissions, force you to conform to their ideals..NO!  But Obama’s government can take money from you at force, force you into government mandates and programs, force you to drive certain kinds of cars, or eat certain foods!  Be afraid of Obama not CEO’s!

I would rather listen to someone who has met a payroll, someone who has taken a risk to start a company, someone who knows what it takes to hire people: “Government policy is the cause of the financial crisis. It is not surprising that the most-regulated segment of society is where the problems started,“ he said, referring to the financial sector.

Hey, Liberal pukes…take that from someone who knows!  The article goes on:

Allison, the BB&T chairman, said he is concerned about the long-term direction of the country.

“We are potentially really heading in the wrong direction,“ he said. “The country has a failed farm policy, a failed K-12 education system. We knew [government-sponsored mortgage entities] Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were going broke.“

He said the country needs less regulation, not more.

Big government is threatening the basic tenets on which the country was founded: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Allison said.

What a great American!  We have gone on record beforeand we will again: We support the successful, wealthy business owners because they are the ones that make the country work!

The Cause is Freedom!

Filling in for the Lee Brothers

Richard and I will be out-of-town for tomorrows show…BUT we are very pleased to introduce a new voice to WRVA!

Clyde Farris (photo here)  Clyde sat with us last week during our show and I think you will love him!  Well, according to his Manifesto:

The United States Government Should:

  • Defend its borders and citizens
  • Maintain its infrastructure
  • Protect individual freedoms
  • Uphold the constitution                                 
The United States Government Should Not: 
  • Create jobs
  • Offer insurance
  • Insure mortgages
  • Finance college education
  • Provide retirement income
  • Bail out failed businesses
  • Develop property or seize property
  • Compete with businesses
  • Interfere with private commerce
  • Provide housing
  • Provide food
  • Raise children

Richard and I welcome him and I trust you will, too!  He certainly is an “Honorary Lee Brother”!

Have a great show Clyde! 

Sleep is over rated!

Apartment residents told to take down U.S. flags..AND..UNH student’s flag display is forbidden

Two wonderful, uplifting stories about those who hate our country!


  1. But to Oaks Apartment management, Clausen said, the American flag symbolizes problems.
  2. White said management told her that “someone might get offended.”
  3. Resident we talked to who had been approached to take down their flags all told us the same thing: that management told them the flags could be offensive because they live in a diverse community.

All this is happening at an apartment complex in Oregon! The Management are obviously Obama supports who don’t like our country or don’t think it is exceptional!  I can not stand this fools!  Enjoying the very freedom and protections of the greatest country on the planet yet trash it every chance they get!  It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just one idiot running an apartment complex in Oregon, but these guys are now running our country!

They certainly wouldn’t understand “Patriot Radio” or the sacrifice of our great troops for this country!  They feel better apologizing for it and trashing it..opps…I forgot…that was before Obama changed our country!

This from the group that would rather make a pledge to the earth instead of the Flag!


What would you do if you lived in this apartment complex?


One liberal loser complains…ONE…..and the flag got to come down at University of New Hampshire!  When are we going to say to the whinny American-hating liberals…..”Stick it in your ear!”


New taxes and fees

I am shocked….well…not really…in fact..we told you so here, and here, and here!  For the love of everything…YOU STUPID LIBERALS AND YOUR UTOPIA DESIRES!

The health-care bill that the Senate Finance Committee will vote on today will cost a total of $829 billion over 10 years, with $507 billion of that cost being covered by new federal taxes and fees, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

$507 BILLION!!  Is this how we lower costs in health care or as Warner said “the cost curve”?  Is this how we make health care affordable?  Is this how we expand competition?  WHAT A CROCK OF CRAP! 

These new taxes and fees include:
— $201 billion in new taxes on high-premium health care plans.  
— $83 billion in new taxes paid by workers who will receive less employer-sponsored coverage or lose that coverage altogether but will be compensated with higher wages or monetary benefits, which are taxable.
— $23 billion in penalty fees paid by employers who do not comply with the federal insurance mandate. 
— $4 billion in penalty fees paid by individuals who don’t have health insurance.
— $16 billion in new income and Medicare payroll tax revenue due to changes in Medicare.
— $180 billion in other tax revenues items calculated by the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT).
-A new tax on prescription drug makers that would account for $22.2 billion over 10 years

-a new tax on medical device manufacturers that would bring in $38.6 billion

-and a new annual tax on insurance companies would net the government $60.4 billion.

So much for Free-Markets and capitalism!  So much for Freedom and Liberty, the power to tax is the power to control!  Welcome to a whole new world of government regulation and TAXATION!  Who could be for this?  WHO! 

Oh, by the way, the CBO has never been correct on costing anything!  829 billion is nothing…experience tells us it will be three times that amount!

Holy Crap!  God help us!


Powhatan is NOT Chicago

There is something happening in Powhatan County.  I got this email from a faithful listener!

As many of you are aware, Charlie Green, District 2 Supervisor , passed away last week. While we mourn the loss of Charlie, we must move on with his replacement so that all citizens of Powhatan are represented and the important work of the Board can continue.

It has come to my attention that there are some back room dealings underway by the County Administrator and the Board members to hand pick a replacement without a transparent, ethical process. The law reads that an appointment can be made until the next general election, when a special election can be held, unless the next general election is within 120 day. This means the appointed person will hold this seat until November 2010.Tradition and precedent is that the appointed person will agree NOT to run in the special election as this would create an unfair advantage for the other candidates who may run for this seat.
It was the understanding of many of the citizens that attended last weeks special meeting that the Board would announce the process to appoint the vacant seat with the expectation that the process would be out in the open .Our County leadership apparently has approached Marsell Bustos to fill this seat. Mr Bustos is the current Chairman of the Powhatan Democrat Party. He ran for the seat in 2007 and came in second in a three way race. Its vital that that this Board chooses the best candidate to fill this seat.  We must not allow the Board to appoint the person of their choosing without a robust debate and multiple candidates to choose from.  We must not be subjected to backroom deals. All we ask for is a fair, transparent process with an agreement that the appointed member not run for re- election in the special election. 

Please attend the meeting October 14th and demand that an ethical appointment is made. Write a letter to the editor and call and email each member of the BOS. This is NOT Chicago, this is Powhatan.