Your Government car?

Obama ordered the Transportation Department to begin drawing up rules imposing higher fuel-economy standards on cars and light trucks.

The president also directed the Transportation Department to draw up rules to implement a 2007 law requiring a 40 percent improvement in gas mileage for autos and light trucks by 2020.

Is there anything that Obama will let run in the private sector on their own?So..lets walk through this….if I want to drive my SUV that gets 12 miles to the gallon…Obama won’t let me?  He now has to make sure cars are made according to his own little screwed up worldview?  Who made him King?

I must have been mistaken when I thought we had freedom in this country.  I thought if I paid the bill (gas bill, electric bill) that no one else would care because I am paying for it!  And Liberals think Conservatives want to run peoples lives?  The radical left will not rest until they control everything in your life: thermostat in your home, the car you drive, the light bulbs you use, how much you can make, how much private companies can make, the doctor you can visit, the prayer that you can say, and the school you can attend!

Now, the biggest threat to Obama’s little world is the car…or…better..the freedom we have to choose the car we drive!!  What a threat!

Once again, Freedom Expanded!  Politicians job is to make laws, not repeal them!  Feeling better!  Enjoy your new America!

I guess I should be happy the government lets me have a car (for now), even if it is a “Government Car!”

Next thing you know we will be buying carbon-offsets at airport kiosks!

Virginia Cigarette Tax

I find it laughable that a politician would call raising taxes on anything “a tough decision!”  The fact is that raising taxes is easy and gutless!  Yep, gutless.  Cutting is hard, going to the taxpayer for fees and taxes isn’t hard. 

Marlilyn Tavenner is just another gutless politician full of demagoguery!

I have always appreciated the liberal mind as it tries to make fake choices:

  1. Raise cigarette taxes or “cut Medicare by 155 million”?
  2. Raise Cigarette tax or “have poor health care?”
  3. Raise Cigarette tax or “damage our most vulnerable citizens?”
  4. Raise cigarette tax or “drive down employment?” 
  5. Raise cigarette tax or “have cuts that go to the muscle and bone?”
  6. Raise cigarette tax or “deeper cuts in low-income health care?”

Finally, M. Tavenner makes this very important point by saying if we raise taxes on cigarettes we “would guarantee the commonwealth could meet Medicaid costs associated with heart disease, chronic lung disease and emphysema, health care for children, including those suffering from asthma, and prenatal care for women.”

What should we do?  Wow! We should raise taxes on cigarettes twice as much!!  Maybe we should raise taxes on everything!  What absolute dribble!  What absolute Demagoguery!  What absolute Democrat!

Every spending cut and tax cut always takes food and health care out of the mouths of children, BUT NO DEMOCRAT cares about taking money out of your pockets! Just another GUTLESS politician!

We talked about fees and taxes here! Remember Kaine said it is not his job to CUT anything, only to spend!

I know, I know…..PUKE!

Closing Gitmo

Obama’s three executive orders sought to show that the United States does not torture and abides by domestic and international laws governing the treatment of detainees.

“The message that we are sending the world is that the United States intends to prosecute the ongoing struggle against violence and terrorism,” the president said. “And we are going to do so vigilantly, and we are going to do so effectively, and we are going to do so in a manner that is consistent with our values and our ideals.”

What message will this send the world?  What message will this send the bad guys?  You know…terrorists? Islamofacists?  You tell me!

We are going to shred this entire idea tomorrow morning at 7:30.  Don’t miss this!  You will see that Gitmo is far from a place of torture!

As a reminder!

Great Cartoon!

Mug Shots for Obama

Chicago Police Dept Mugshots


Obama Voters!

Do you think they voted?  What were the most important issues to these guys?  Tax cuts?  Education reform? Less government?  I don’t think so!

I doubt they even know the three branches of Government or anything about the Constitution!

Maybe Richard is right, perhaps we should mandate a test before you can vote!

I bet they would like Kaine’s new budget cuts that releases some non-violent criminals out early due to budget problems!

This would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so sad!

Example of how far we have fallen

Del. Charles W. Carrico Sr., R-Grayson, said he is preparing a bill that would prohibit the superintendent of the Virginia State Police from ordering chaplains to deliver nondenominational prayers at such functions as trooper graduation ceremonies and the annual memorial service for fallen officers. Six chaplains resigned in protest last year.

We need a bill like this in our country?  The state of VA?  The home of religious freedom?

Is this an example of freedom or a restriction of it?  Isn’t real freedom to let anyone pray according to their own beliefs….just curious!

Carrico said such “censorship” denies the religious liberty rights of the chaplains.   No, really!  But since when do we care about the constitution!

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, who in October defended the action by Superintendent of State Police W. Steven Flaherty.. just as long as we pray according to what the government dictates, a TIM!

Our government now demands that we pray in certain ways….. excellent!  Here is another example: click here.

Jesus name” only allowed when cussing!

Dare I say it……

Only Obama…

“Only Government must….”, “Only Government can….” “Only Government can fix…”    The truth is “Only Obama” can fix us!  You wanted change and hope!

Just take a few minutes and compare Obama’s big government solution in our time of crisis with another time of crisis in our history:

January 20, 1981

Now you know why we always end our show with his Farewell address!

A Great President!

Government Run Indoctrination centers we call public schools

Our school system is simply screwed up….and worst…..the “sheeple” don’t even notice it!

Two stories pushing me over the edge (which isn’t hard….Richard, on the other hand< is much more understanding):

Henrico County struggling with setting new school zones for their new, big, bad school…and..VCU Education Poll stating that you are willing to pay more taxes to keep funding at current levels!

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Commonwealth Education Poll finds 68 percent of Virginians willing to pay more in taxes in order to keep public schools at current funding levels….puke!

You like a County Board deciding which school your kid must attend? How about the County Board deciding which neighborhoods get the best schools?  Tired of elite schools for the “wealthy white people”?  Tired of your kid stuck in a crappy school?  Tired of not having enough money to live in the potential school-rezoning to even get a chance at the new school? 

If no…… then you are one of the nuts in the VCU poll that can’t imagine how kids could learn with a penny less than what they have today!  If no, you want less freedom.  If no, your a member of the VEA!  If no, then there is no hope for you!

If yes, you hate children!  You hate education!  And worst, you hate teachers, the pure among us! You are a hate monger and probably want kids beaten!  Instead of a “Kids First” bump sticker, you probably have a “Kids Last” sticker(beside your “Earth Sucks”sticker!) You, sir, obviously do not understand that Government is responsible for indocrinating educating your child!  How dare you think education is the responsibility of the parents!  How dare you, sir!!

Look…seriously…money should be attached to the kids so they can go to any school the parent feel is best!  Take it out of the hands of politicians and back in the hands of you and me!  Secondly, how did we learn 50 years ago with out government funding?  All grades, crowded in a one room school house?  Money is not the problem or the solution!

Welcome to our warped public education system! 

Listen to these horror stories in public education:

“Tolerance” Assemblies in Henrico

VEA says no to choice

Global warming over math

McCain had it right on schools

No “God” allowed

Muslim public funded school

Kaine will try to ban smoking, again!

You have got to love this guy!   What a goof!

He just told us he is going to raise taxes on cigarettes to pay for our budget shortfall and now he wants to ban it in restaurants?  Is that a contradiction?  Of course not, he is a Democrat….oh sorry…..he is the Chairman of the Democrats!  The new top spokesman for the radical left!  This train of thought probably helped him get the job!

Kaine has plenty of whacked supporters for this warped idea.  Here is one mans comments posted on line at the TD website:

Posted by ( frant52 ) on January 06, 2009 at 8:20 am I am definitely in favor of a smoking ban in restaurants. Not only do workers get constantly exposed to second hand smoke, but many of us are sensitive to the smoke and cannot eat in places that allow smoking. I have walked out of restaurants where I can smell the smoke. If I am paying for a meal, I want to enjoy it, without breathing in smoke. Other states have banned smoking in restaurants and I did not see a decrease in business. When I eat at a smoke fre restaurant, I always comment to the server or manager that I appreciate the non smoking rule. I also have not noticed that the non smoking establishments are suffering because of their rule.

Kaine has some followers!  Here is my reaction:

Posted by ( ScottLee ) on January 06, 2009 at 10:11 am

No wonder Obama is our President!

You obviously don’t understand FREEDOM! Freedom doesn’t mean that you have a right to walk into any private company and demand the environment meet your standards!

Workers can find new jobs! You can eat in smoke free restaurants, like you said you do! And IF you do, then why do you care about other restaurants that allow smoking!
If banning smoking increased business, then every resturant would do it on their OWN!  Your comments indicate, like many holding your view, that Government is smarter than the private sector!

Practice your freedom by only going to smoke-free resturants and stop “imposing your beliefs” on others!  Oh yeah, and stay out of the voting booth until you read some of the Federalist Papers!

Double Puke!

Muslim family removed from plane

A Muslim family removed from an airliner Thursday after passengers became concerned about their conversation say AirTran officials refused to rebook them, even after FBI investigators cleared them of wrongdoing.

A few questions:

  1. Does an Airline have the right to decide who they serve?
  2. Is this racial profiling and, if so, is it wrong?
  3. Should the family be able to sue?
  4. Were their rights violated?
  5. Would you have reported this family for the things they said while boarding?

For a complete response to these question and more, tune in tomorrow morning on 1140 WRVA  from 6-8  am as The Lee Brothers discuss  (or argue) this story!

Arab man panics on airplane!

Maybe we need some sensitivity training!

Here is the video of the story:

Times Dispatch Creed

I must say I was impressed with the Creed the TD printed in the paper today.  I couldn’t help but think what the creed would be for..say..the NYTimes!

We believe in…

  1. Moral absolutes
  2. Freedom
  3. Right to Property
  4. Free Enterprise
  5. Man’s Fallen Nature
  6. Limited Government
  7. Strong National Defense
  8. Fiscal Conservatism

No wonder the paper refused to endorse Obama…they stand for everything he isn’t!

If I could make the T-D paper a Honorary Lee Brother, I would!  I think we agree on much!

Well Done!

Government can’t protect us from us

I hate it when I am proven correct….no really..then I have to rub it in Richard’s face on the air and he hates it!

Payday Lenders elude reforms!  I am completely shocked..shocked that government over-regulation and red tape burdens don’t work ……and shocked that a free people can find themselves around a over-reaching, all powerful government!

A clampdown on high-cost instant loans takes effect today, but lenders already are finding ways around it—and legislators are steamed. Poor politicians!  I feel bad for them…did no one listen to the brightest among us!

I no longer believe they are people of good will trying to work with the legislature,Sen. A. Donald McEachin, D-Henrico, an industry critic, said of maneuvering by lenders. It shows a great deal of bad faith on their part.  How dare a private company try to protect itself from government mandates! Can you imagine the nerve?  Someone should tell this “public servant” that Payday Lenders should answer to the market only!  Has McEachin ever ran a business?  Made a payroll? Started a company and then have government tell him how to run it?  Being a lawyer doesn’t count! 

Richard and I argued this during the 2008 GA. Click here.

Government takes freedom away!  Government can’t save us from us!