What happen at Moody Middle School

Nothing abnormal…just another indoctrination attempt!

Apparently, a few weeks ago Moody Middle in Henrico County there was an assembly for the students that was supported by the PTA.  The assembly was put on by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities.  I know, I know, I had the same reaction!  But was a good thing….

According to Mychael Dickerson,Director of Media Relations for Henrico schools, the school staff said it was a very positive program to encourage diversity tolerance.  There were exercises and skits that involved role playing about racial, culture, religious, and bullying issues. (I just threw up in my mouth!) This is typical, liberal speak.  I have on good sources that those skits were about homosexuality and Muslims.

Surprised?  Yeah, me either!  Parents just let this stuff happen and this is nothing but pure indoctrination.  There must be a tremendous amount of extra time in schools today.  They apparently have covered math, English, science and just had some time left over and why not go to an assembly about tolerance.  Because we know that kids can’t be “tolerant” without this assembly!

But  it really isn’t about “tolerance”, is it!  It is about teaching our children that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.  It is about pure acceptance!  You must like this lifestyle and never judge it.  They teach all religions are acceptable except Christianity.  This seminar, my source says, talked about welcoming and being tolerant of Muslims and never mentioned Christianity.

What is a parent to do?  The politics of the classroom in one generation will be the government of the next!

I know, if you stand up against this…well…….your just an intolerant boob!  Now you know why we have the barf bucket between us!

Other examples of indoctrination: Global Warming in VA Schools

McCain had it right!

Home Schooled kids are demented

Joy Behar, on the View, said that Home Schooled kids are demented.  You have got to love the elitists left and their view of main street America.

Her co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, replied, “I think [homeschooling] actually is a good thing.”

Then Behar cut her off, saying, “A lot of them are demented when they’re homeschooled. … They’re afraid of children. They learn to be scared of other children.”

I have meet an amazing amount of home schooled kids and they are absolutely amazing!  Respectful, courteous, love for Country, actually, in contrast, to public school kids……..much better!

Parents who home school show an incredible dedication to their children’s education and to their children’s work ethic.  Home Schooled kids are the ones that are going to make America a better place and their parents recognize it.  And that is why they work so hard.  Meanwhile, back to public government run indoctrination centers we call schools……just look at the test results.  Joy is a typical liberal, former teacher! No surprise.

They call this art?

Two pieces of controversial artwork are no longer on display at the University of Tennessee at Martin.  About 35 people showed up to voice their concerns about exhibits featuring burned copies of the constitution, a shredded American flag, and a shredded bible.

It is amazing what is considered art!  What a bunch of whacked kids!   Do you expect anything different from a bunch of indoctrinated college students.  Listen to them:

“I disagree with the art,” said UTM student Jeremy Rhoades. “But I like that it got an emotional response. It did it’s job if it makes people emotional.”  Is that what is about… getting an “emotional response!”  Does the American Flag flying on a pole, in one piece, give you an “emotional response?”  Does ready the Bible, give you an “emotional response” (forgive my balantantly Christian assumption, I know it’s not PC)? 

I forgot, …..”they are certainly entitled to do so under our constitution,” said Art Department Chair Douglas Cook. He says both pieces are from a contemporary art class where students were asked to investigate modes of expression. “  Yep, it is about “expression” instead of common sense or decency.  And, if the Constitution allows for you to be stupid..then do it!

Good Bye Capitalism

Is Capitalism bad for the planet and for people?  According to Michael Moore, capitalism is the problem.  It has not been helpful to people or the planet.

Is there any other system that works better to distribute goods and services in the world? America is the best place on earth to be successful and, in turn, help the most people.  But it is fashionable today to trash our economic system and, apparently, people voted the same way.

Does this change you mind about Moore?  Pure stupidity….and people paid to go see his riduculous “movies”!

Isn’t he wealthy becasue of this stupid capitalist system?

The tolerance of homosexuality

The people vote, overwhelmingly, for Prop 8 in California.  The Gay’s politely went along their “business” and recognized the right of the people to vote in California….WRONG!

Instead, they attack an 80 year old women during a news report. They  ripped a cross out of her hand and stomp on it and screamed in her face! 

Oh, the sound of the most tolerant among us!  Disgusting in so many ways!

When was the last time you saw those radical “married supporters” riot and shout down the gays?

President Obama….

Okay, fine!  Apparently, my ideas are not acceptable.  Maybe I am wrong. 

If you voted for Obama, here is what you voted for:

  1. Health Care mandates on employers and fines for those who don’t comply. Move towards government run.
  2. Higher taxes.  For everyone!  Mark my words..Bush’s taxes will be repealed and that is $3000 per family in VA!
  3. Job loses due to regulation and taxation.
  4. Fairness Doctrine. Talk radio only (really fair)!
  5. Free college.
  6. Retire with dignity.
  7. Cuts in Military.
  8. Supreme Court that sees a living Constitution. Judges making law!
  9. Expensive energy.No drilling. Mandated government cap and trade. Mandated CAFE standards for cars. More expensive cars and driving.
  10. Education.Same old government indoctrination centers! No choice, just more money.
  11. Spending.  HUGE!  Remember, this means less freedom!

So, to all Obama supporters…thanks!