There are some Patrick Henry’s in the GA..

Delegate Kirk Cox!  He gave a rip-roaring speech on the floor of the House last Friday, Feb 19th that would have made Patrick Henry proud!

Essentially, he focus was to defend the tax payer!  In the tradition of the Lee Brother household, he described the people in VA who don’t have lobbyists, who work hard, and are cutting all they can, and fighting to take care of their families!  Meanwhile, government grows, government jobs are protected, and lobbyists…lobby!  He went on to described the bloated and massive growth of education spending!  In short, Delegate Cox defended you on floor of the house: TAX PAYERS, who don’t have the ability to run to their employer and demand more money like the government can do!


Take that! You whiners!

Now you can be Governor

And isn’t that what we need…8 million Governor’s!!  The TD is asking if you can make the “tough” decisions with the budget: cut or raise taxes!

There is one more solution that wasn’t allowed, apparently!  Cutting taxes!  I know…too frightening for some!  But it can be and it should be a real option.  Letting people keep their money allows for them to drive the economy and increase revenue to our beloved government! (Besides, even if it never created one job it is the right and moral thing to do!)  But, I digress….

Take the little test that the TD is giving and see if you can cut enough to balance the budget. 

By the way, I feel like there is something missing from the cut list, do you?

Kaine’s parting gift

A tax increase!  Yep, what else would you expect from the DNC Chairman! 

“While I appreciate your thoughts regarding the burdens faced by our citizens and businesses in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, your letter conveys a failure to grasp the stark realities of the coming budget,” Kaine wrote. “We are far beyond the stage of eliminating inefficiencies or making merely difficult cuts.”

Don’t you wish you had that option with your employer!  Imagine going to see your Boss and saying this, “I have cut everything I can out of my household budget!  I need you to pay me more, now!  I have eliminated all inefficiencies!”  Yep, let me know how that works out for you!

But Kaine?  It is easy and gutless to run to the taxpayer, his employer, and demand more money…because he can!  I told you this was going to happen, government can’t live with less, never!  But you can!

We talked about it here! 


Can we survive?

Budgets (public, government) are shrinking…fast!  And the question on the minds of Virignians…..Can we survive without government services?  The Times-Dispatch has many articles detailing the “downfall of society”:

Officials seek ways to deal with budget shortfall

Virginia tax collections reflect struggling economy

Get ready folks…here it comes!  The biggest whine-fest, horror-story, fear-mongering you have ever heard!  Remember, only you and your family can live with less, never the government!  But, even I, understand these cuts are going to have to be deep! 

Something very good can come of this….peope will begin to learn that life can really go on and life can function without government programs and services!  Yes!  It can!  (or should I say, “Yes, we can!”)  Where services are vital…the private sector can respond…where serives where niceties in good times…they can go away (just like your home when things get tough!)

However, I have already heard rumors (mostly from the education establishment,  not the only time, and not the first time) that some will be asking for a tax increase!  OF COURSE! 

Get ready…fight against any proposal to raise fees and taxes!  As a reminder, the gutless, easy thing to do is run to the taxpayers for help by raising taxes…courage is cutting programs and waste!  Lets watch and see who is Gutless or Courageous!

Because we can survive!

Can’t we?

One of the staunchest, smartest and straightforward conservatives

Human Events tells us that Ken Cuccinelli is the real deal! 

“…the campaign features one of the staunchest, smartest and straightforward conservatives The Old Dominion has to offer: state Sen. Ken Cuccinelli”

“When you have been around as long as I have you can tell the real deal from the fraudulent and Cuccinelli is the real deal,” said Craig Shirley, president of Shirley and Banister Public Affairs in Alexandria, Va. and author of “Reagain’s Revolution: The Untold Story of the Campaign That Started it All.” “A lot of people who profess to be conservatives or Reaganites don’t really get it, and Cuccinelli does.”

I have been telling you about Ken for a very long time!  Ken Cuccinelli is a statesmen not a politician!  He is a VA Citizen/American Patriotand understands that the cause is Liberty!

We talked to him here!

Virginia Cigarette Tax

I find it laughable that a politician would call raising taxes on anything “a tough decision!”  The fact is that raising taxes is easy and gutless!  Yep, gutless.  Cutting is hard, going to the taxpayer for fees and taxes isn’t hard. 

Marlilyn Tavenner is just another gutless politician full of demagoguery!

I have always appreciated the liberal mind as it tries to make fake choices:

  1. Raise cigarette taxes or “cut Medicare by 155 million”?
  2. Raise Cigarette tax or “have poor health care?”
  3. Raise Cigarette tax or “damage our most vulnerable citizens?”
  4. Raise cigarette tax or “drive down employment?” 
  5. Raise cigarette tax or “have cuts that go to the muscle and bone?”
  6. Raise cigarette tax or “deeper cuts in low-income health care?”

Finally, M. Tavenner makes this very important point by saying if we raise taxes on cigarettes we “would guarantee the commonwealth could meet Medicaid costs associated with heart disease, chronic lung disease and emphysema, health care for children, including those suffering from asthma, and prenatal care for women.”

What should we do?  Wow! We should raise taxes on cigarettes twice as much!!  Maybe we should raise taxes on everything!  What absolute dribble!  What absolute Demagoguery!  What absolute Democrat!

Every spending cut and tax cut always takes food and health care out of the mouths of children, BUT NO DEMOCRAT cares about taking money out of your pockets! Just another GUTLESS politician!

We talked about fees and taxes here! Remember Kaine said it is not his job to CUT anything, only to spend!

I know, I know…..PUKE!

Government can’t protect us from us

I hate it when I am proven correct….no really..then I have to rub it in Richard’s face on the air and he hates it!

Payday Lenders elude reforms!  I am completely shocked..shocked that government over-regulation and red tape burdens don’t work ……and shocked that a free people can find themselves around a over-reaching, all powerful government!

A clampdown on high-cost instant loans takes effect today, but lenders already are finding ways around it—and legislators are steamed. Poor politicians!  I feel bad for them…did no one listen to the brightest among us!

I no longer believe they are people of good will trying to work with the legislature,Sen. A. Donald McEachin, D-Henrico, an industry critic, said of maneuvering by lenders. It shows a great deal of bad faith on their part.  How dare a private company try to protect itself from government mandates! Can you imagine the nerve?  Someone should tell this “public servant” that Payday Lenders should answer to the market only!  Has McEachin ever ran a business?  Made a payroll? Started a company and then have government tell him how to run it?  Being a lawyer doesn’t count! 

Richard and I argued this during the 2008 GA. Click here.

Government takes freedom away!  Government can’t save us from us!