The scare tactics start

I mentioned this before (Can we survive?),  but it is getting loud!

Chanting and waving handmade signs, Richmond-area parents, teachers and children greeted state lawmakers walking into the General Assembly Building yesterday, just before the money committees unveiled their proposed changes to the state’s budget.

Erin Warby turned out yesterday with her two children and a lesson plan.

“I work very hard and stress education to them,” said the single mother from Richmond who worked full time while putting herself through college. “I think it’s extremely important to teach them that when you don’t agree with your elected leaders, it’s important to let them know.”

Richmond kindergarten teacher Ollie Hill fears that cuts will hit the parts of the school experience that can keep kids engaged — programs like foreign language and pre-K.

I am still waiting for a solution from these people….holding my breath…..oh…other then raising taxes!

Just a reminder, the education of our children is the responsibility of the parents, not the state!

We talked about it here.

The Founding Era is not important..

what IS  important is what is relevant to our lives or,in this case, our children’s lives!  Yep, this is the reason that they are removing the study of our Declaration of Independence, Founding Fathers, and anything before 1877 in NC public schools!

“We are certainly not trying to go away from American history,” Rebecca Garland, the chief academic officer for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, told Fox News. “What we are trying to do is figure out a way to teach it where students are connected to it, where they see the big idea, where they are able to make connections and draw relationships between parts of our history and the present day.”

Yep, there is nothing wrong with our public education system, not a thing!  What the heck is going on!  And we question why we have the government we do?  Because we don’t have any idea what are our founding principles!  The Declaration of Independence doesn’t connect with our kids? Abraham Lincoln doesn’t connect with our kids?  George Washington?

Since when do we base what we teach our kids on whether they are connecting?  I didn’t connect with math, yet they still taught it to me because it was necessary!

We talked about it here. 

The philosophy in the classroom in one generation will become the politics in the next!  God help us!

How can you liberals sleep at night?


School Choice

The civil rights issue of our day!  I have always been amazed at the level of disgust the radical public education system has had against parents making decisions for the children’s education.  (Yet, this same group usually loves screaming “choice” when it comes to aborting a child, but no choice once they are born!)

The good news is more freedom may be coming to parents very soon:

Gov. Bob McDonnell has said he wants to see changes to make it easier to open charter schools, even mentioning his support in his response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Wednesday.

He also appointed charter school proponent Gerard Robinson, who had served as president of the Black Alliance for Educational Options, as state education secretary. That organization aims to provide low-income and working-class black families with access to high-quality education through such programs as charter schools, school vouchers, virtual schools and more.

Choice in education?  Maybe, just maybe, McDonnell and his team will give real “hope and change” to “low-income and working-class black families” in regards to their children’s education. 

Change we can believe in!

Money that can be cut……FROM THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS

Last night, AROUND 8:30, I got an automated call from James River High School. It was a pre-recorded phone call that told me that classes were canceled for today. No really? You mean to tell me, that in this part of the country, when it snows more than 1/2 inch they DON’T CLOSE THE SCHOOLS? Not only that it was broadcast on the TV for almost an hour by the time I received the call. Chesterfield by the way was one of the LATE entries in that department. I guess they were waiting for a blast of MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING to melt all the snow by 6 AM.    I cannot believe that these people think we are that stupid as to think that school would be in session today!  
Now that I’ve vented my frustrations and my blood pressure has returned to normal, I will get to my point. Since the school system needs to CUT THEIR BUDGET, why not get rid of this useless expense! The schools notify both radio and all TV stations, so why in God’s name do they need to have this system in place? In case we have no power? That is a no brainer, too. Without power, you cannot HEAT or LIGHT a school. I guess that means computers wont work either? DUH
Maybe our Governor/ DNC chairman should follow his master’s lead and go line by line as to how to shrink the “wasteful spending” in the state budget. I am beginning to believe that our Governor and the people that run the schools are EDUCATED BEYOND THEIR INTELLEGENCE.
Honorary LEEBRO John

Yeah, School Choice won’t work!

Has there ever been a better case for school choice?  The attached video is from children who areworried the the “All Merciful and Caring” President Obama will cut the program.  The program, which allows parents the choice  to take their children out of  failing public schools,  is in danger of being scrapped completely after the 2010 school year.  It is called the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program!

Liberals, NEA, and the VEA simply don’t care that kids are stuck in crappy schools!  The most caring among us…don’t care!

Government Run Indoctrination centers we call public schools

Our school system is simply screwed up….and worst…..the “sheeple” don’t even notice it!

Two stories pushing me over the edge (which isn’t hard….Richard, on the other hand< is much more understanding):

Henrico County struggling with setting new school zones for their new, big, bad school…and..VCU Education Poll stating that you are willing to pay more taxes to keep funding at current levels!

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Commonwealth Education Poll finds 68 percent of Virginians willing to pay more in taxes in order to keep public schools at current funding levels….puke!

You like a County Board deciding which school your kid must attend? How about the County Board deciding which neighborhoods get the best schools?  Tired of elite schools for the “wealthy white people”?  Tired of your kid stuck in a crappy school?  Tired of not having enough money to live in the potential school-rezoning to even get a chance at the new school? 

If no…… then you are one of the nuts in the VCU poll that can’t imagine how kids could learn with a penny less than what they have today!  If no, you want less freedom.  If no, your a member of the VEA!  If no, then there is no hope for you!

If yes, you hate children!  You hate education!  And worst, you hate teachers, the pure among us! You are a hate monger and probably want kids beaten!  Instead of a “Kids First” bump sticker, you probably have a “Kids Last” sticker(beside your “Earth Sucks”sticker!) You, sir, obviously do not understand that Government is responsible for indocrinating educating your child!  How dare you think education is the responsibility of the parents!  How dare you, sir!!

Look…seriously…money should be attached to the kids so they can go to any school the parent feel is best!  Take it out of the hands of politicians and back in the hands of you and me!  Secondly, how did we learn 50 years ago with out government funding?  All grades, crowded in a one room school house?  Money is not the problem or the solution!

Welcome to our warped public education system! 

Listen to these horror stories in public education:

“Tolerance” Assemblies in Henrico

VEA says no to choice

Global warming over math

McCain had it right on schools

No “God” allowed

Muslim public funded school

What happen at Moody Middle School

Nothing abnormal…just another indoctrination attempt!

Apparently, a few weeks ago Moody Middle in Henrico County there was an assembly for the students that was supported by the PTA.  The assembly was put on by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities.  I know, I know, I had the same reaction!  But was a good thing….

According to Mychael Dickerson,Director of Media Relations for Henrico schools, the school staff said it was a very positive program to encourage diversity tolerance.  There were exercises and skits that involved role playing about racial, culture, religious, and bullying issues. (I just threw up in my mouth!) This is typical, liberal speak.  I have on good sources that those skits were about homosexuality and Muslims.

Surprised?  Yeah, me either!  Parents just let this stuff happen and this is nothing but pure indoctrination.  There must be a tremendous amount of extra time in schools today.  They apparently have covered math, English, science and just had some time left over and why not go to an assembly about tolerance.  Because we know that kids can’t be “tolerant” without this assembly!

But  it really isn’t about “tolerance”, is it!  It is about teaching our children that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.  It is about pure acceptance!  You must like this lifestyle and never judge it.  They teach all religions are acceptable except Christianity.  This seminar, my source says, talked about welcoming and being tolerant of Muslims and never mentioned Christianity.

What is a parent to do?  The politics of the classroom in one generation will be the government of the next!

I know, if you stand up against this…well…….your just an intolerant boob!  Now you know why we have the barf bucket between us!

Other examples of indoctrination: Global Warming in VA Schools

McCain had it right!

Home Schooled kids are demented

Joy Behar, on the View, said that Home Schooled kids are demented.  You have got to love the elitists left and their view of main street America.

Her co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, replied, “I think [homeschooling] actually is a good thing.”

Then Behar cut her off, saying, “A lot of them are demented when they’re homeschooled. … They’re afraid of children. They learn to be scared of other children.”

I have meet an amazing amount of home schooled kids and they are absolutely amazing!  Respectful, courteous, love for Country, actually, in contrast, to public school kids……..much better!

Parents who home school show an incredible dedication to their children’s education and to their children’s work ethic.  Home Schooled kids are the ones that are going to make America a better place and their parents recognize it.  And that is why they work so hard.  Meanwhile, back to public government run indoctrination centers we call schools……just look at the test results.  Joy is a typical liberal, former teacher! No surprise.

Richmond Charter school contract fails to pass

Once again, kids in Richmond will have no options. The group behind the Patrick Henry charter school was dealt a crippling — though apparently not fatal — blow last night when the Richmond School Board did not approve a contract for the group to open and operate the school.

We are hell bent on making sure our kids fail, at all costs!  How dare us let parents pick the schools for their kids!  How dare we allow parents any choice!

Maybe the NAACP had too much influence here!

Public schools are “safe havens”

Public schools are succeeding every day with students like these — in ways that go beyond academic achievement — by offering not only a free and appropriate public education, but also a safe haven.

I can not get over the audacity (to still a phrase) of the VEA to call public education a “safe haven.”  They should read about this:

Student killed in shooting at Tenn. school Students in the cafeteria began crying and scrambling to leave, while others tried to get in the room, thinking they had missed a fight, witnesses said. Students began to gather around the victim, said freshman Jared Wohlford, 14. “Everybody started running out real fast saying, ‘He got shot,’ ” he said.


VEA says no to choice

I thought all leftists were pro-choice….I guess only when it comes to killing babies.  Choice in education is not acceptable according to Kitty Boitnott of VEA in Times DispatchWhy?

Because our government run schools take care of people:

She is right!  No private run school system would do these things! 

Because government run schools are safe havens:

I thought schools were about education?  So the argument for public education is that they are safe? Ask Justin Creech if he felt public education was safe for him (of course, you can not, he was killed by his classmate!) Once again, no private school could be safe, only government run public schools are a safe haven!  Forgive me for puking!

Because the promise of vouchers(choice) is false:

Just saying it is “false” doesn’t make it so.  Why is it false?  The “promise of (vouchers) choice” works everywhere else but it wouldn’t work in education?  But the VEA are masters in free-market thinking and the brightest among us and it is demonstrated perfectly with the above comment!

Because trying to fix what we have would be too difficult:

Why challenge government run schools?  They don’t work! That is why we should challenge them!  At least, not as well as the private sector could!  Dreaming up??  Once again, we know that it works everywhere else! By the way, “reforms” don’t happen in government systems, but it is a nice idea by an entrenched bureaucrat with a pension!

Because this is were they learn about America:

Seriously?  Wow, I can’t believe that she said this!  Do we say the pledge anymore in our schools?  Do we teach how great the Founders were or how evil Columbus was?  Do we teach the greatest of America or the stains of America?  EXACTLY-Is this woman a complete dunce (perhaps a product of public education!) ?     Listen to:  SW VA teaches Climate Change.

Because it is about diversity:

I can’t take it!  It is obviously not about learning math and English…it is all about social engineering!

Why is Kitty opposed to school  choice?  It could be that the reason the VEA opposes choice could be because their pensions are tied to this broken system and with parents in charge, their little government indoctrination centers would collapse!

Delegate Saxman op-ed is outstanding: click here.

Listen to us as we say no to VEA: Click here.

Listen to us discuss charter school options: click here.

SW Virginia schools teaching about climate change

UPDATE:Here is the clip from our show: Click here.

Developed by a group of educators, the program is aimed at teaching children about the connection between their actions and the wider world — so they can help save the planet. Save the planet?

Look to these “educators”!  The brightest among us!  The teachers of our children!

“More and more information is coming towards these kids every day,” said Deni Peterson, who runs the Learning Landscapes program that has brought educational gardens to county schools. “These are depressing issues; these are hard issues for these kids, so I just try to plant some hope in there.” Depressing?  You are scaring them for no reason!

Tammy Smith, a first-grade teacher at High Point Elementary School, said she wants to instill the concept that “thrown away” is not really “away” — items that are tossed instead of recycled or reused ultimately occupy space in a landfill, where some of them take millennia to decompose. Keep on scaring elementary kids!

“I’ve lived here all my life, and I remember playing in the snow,” said Angela Surber, a seventh-grade teacher at Glade Spring Middle School. “The kids today don’t even know what snow is.” Are you sure we have global warming because of your students?  All your life, but your only 24?? Maybe the earth just goes through changes.  Mrs. Surber, what is the “ideal” earth temperature for SW VA?

“There’s lifestyle choices that you need to make, such as conserving lights, because it’s going to be cheaper,” said Laurel Flaccavento, who recently retired after 30 years of teaching in Washington County schools. The earlier we can indoctrinate the easier it gets and the more likely they will vote Democrat later in life. 

Rees Shearer, a retired elementary school counselor, said energy conservation could eliminate the need for new power plants, and the money spent on them instead could be used to generate electricity in a different way: by reducing demand.  This reminds of  the Obama’s energy plan, inflate your tires! But now we can conserve our way to a brighter future (or dimmer)!  Did Obama go to public schools? (This reminds of Bush slaping down that liberal news guy!)

“We’re trying to stay out of politics and then take advantage of the good lessons of being environmental stewards,” said Assistant Superintendent Tom Graves.  Wrong Tom!  It is all about politics

Listen to Eco-insanity!

Maybe Tim Kaine Pre-K program would help, don’t laugh!  God help our children in these government run indocrination centers we call schools!!  McCain has this one right!

JTCC Professor

Another great example for our kids in college!

 These are quotes from David Head’s Political Science class at the Midlothian Campus of JTCC.  You be the judge!

“Oh Sh_t!”

“Deader than sh-t!”

“I’ll call you sh-t!”

“Bastards at the NRA!”

“Congress is way to white!”

“Bush’s little war in Iraq!”

“George W. Bush: Liar or Moron”


“….had sex with children-if you think that kind of thing is wrong!”

Money well spent at JTCC for your kids!!!

Listen here: Mar_15th_College_Professors_indoctrinate_at_JTCC.mp3